Zhejiang Province releases the top 5 list of artificial intelligence/ NationalChip is listed as the application benchmark enterprise of AI industry

Release time:2020-01-11

On January 8, 2020, Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Information Commission released the five list of artificial intelligence. NationalChip won the title of "application benchmarking enterprise of artificial intelligence industry in Zhejiang Province". The first intelligent Internet of things artificial intelligence chip independently developed by NationalChip in the industry that has been mass produced is listed as "outstanding solution product of artificial intelligence in Zhejiang Province in 2019".




The chip has a unique multi-core AI architecture, which uses the neural network processor (NPU) and voice DSP independently developed by NationalChip, and embedded high-performance CPU.

The chip has the ability of speech perception and recognition, visual image detection and recognition. It can not only realize the cloud networking, but also calculate the depth neural network offline.

The chip uses multi-level wake-up and dynamic power adjustment calculation to realize low-power operation and ultra-long standby time. It can be widely used in various Internets of things devices, providing a smart brain for traditional electronic devices, and realizing intelligent detection, intelligent recognition and intelligent human-computer interaction.


At present, the chip and scheme have been recognized and deeply cooperated by many AI first-line companies and Internet giants, and achieved mass production and landing in multiple scenes such as smart speaker, smart home appliances, smart car, children's robot, etc.