Do not forget the original and start set sail again---NationalChip Special Exhibition CCBN 2017 was successfully held in Beijing

Release time:2017-03-29

From March 23 to 25, 2017, NationalChip held its Special Exhibition CCBN 2017  in Beijing.


Vincent Huang, CEO of NationalChip, introduced the latest technological innovation of NationalChip, and cost-effective chip products and solutions covering the domestic and overseas markets. Including:

· China DBS SD, with HD Upgrade, and New Generation of DBS Intelligent Solution

· DTMB Terrestrial SD/HD/HD+OTT Applications

· Cable HD/HD+OTT Solution

· DVB-S2 HD/Security Solution

· DVB-T2 HD Solution

· India Cable SD/HD/ Security Solution

· Alibaba YoC Solution 


NationalChip will continue to develop and innovate in the field of digital home and intelligent interconnection. Brighten Digital Life With NationalChip!