The first China (Hangzhou) International Intelligent Products Expo / NationalChip's AI products are in great concentration, which are fashionable, dazzling, cute and warm. Let's experience them!

Release time:2019-10-18

The first China (Hangzhou) International Intelligent Products Expo will be officially launched in Hangzhou today (October 18) for three days.


With the theme of "Ai driven digital economy", focusing on digital economy and AI, and with "intelligence +" as the core, this smart Expo focuses on technology, products, investment and talents. From three aspects of exhibition, forum and activity, it plans to set up three parts: International Exhibition, World Congress and global events.


NationalChip is invited to participate in this exhibition, and will exhibit the most complete and AI series of solutions and cooperation products.


Here is a convenient and efficient intelligent car assistant, a cute and soft children's story machine, a cool and gorgeous smart speaker, as well as smart home appliances that are closely accompanied. Let's experience it!