NationalChip Technology Get Selected In the “2020 Investment Industry Hard Technology Venture50” List

Release time:2020-12-11

On December 10, Zero2IPO's investment community released the 2020 Venture50 series list, and NationalChip Technology was selected in the “2020 Hard Technology Venture50 in the investment industry” list.


Venture50 (V50 for short), founded by Zero2IPO Group in 2006, has undergone more than ten years of development and sublimation, and has long become the vane of investment in high-growth companies. After 8 months of research, this selection invited many investment institutions and investors to review, and explored in-depth unlisted leading companies with industry vane significance from the industry dimension, driving capital's attention and discovery of high-growth companies.


Hard technology is the hard power that shows enterprises to promote innovation. As a chip company with 20 years of technology accumulation, Nationalchip Technology has become one of the top suppliers of set-top box chips in the world. Since 2016, NationalChip has entered the field of artificial intelligence and continues to promote innovative technologies in the field of AI, including uniquely designed multi-core heterogeneous architecture, self-developed neural network processor gxNPU, hardware VAD module, etc., with features like high intelligence, low power consumption, and low power consumption. In terms of supporting development software, NationalChip provides compilation and compression tools and a full set of neural network development SDK, simplifying development work for users and accelerating product implementation.


In 2020, as the new pattern of “dual cycles” is rapidly forming, the practice of value investment has become the consensus of the industry, and the rapid growth of innovative companies becomes even more meaningful. Relying on 20 years of deep technology accumulation in the field of chip design, NationalChip has demonstrated continuous innovation capabilities in digital TV and IoT AI chip products and has gained high market recognition in the industry. At this stage, National Core’s AI business covers multiple application areas such as smart speakers, smart vehicles, smart home appliances, and smart wearables, covering all-scenario applications of “people-vehicle-home”, and uses hard technology to help the development of a dual-cycle pattern.